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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Keep your compliments ... with my compliments to you!

So, Have you ever noticed how people try to give someone a compliment and it just comes out completly wrong. I mean, you have to give them the benefit of the doubt but I mean really!!

Okay, little background on this rant. I'm a fat gal. No, not 20 pounds over norm, not, 30 pounds even. I mean fat. And really, I think I'm okay with it. I've had years to used to it although I does sneak up and hit me every so often like when you're passing a mirrored window and you catch a glimpse of your profile as you walk by.

The best description I can use to describe my figure would be a Jelly Bean. Rounded and bumpy but goes in a bit in the middle. As my fiancee said when we first met, I'm not a Barbie Doll. Of course he meant I'm real and not some plastic monster but this one sticks with me.

Okay, now for the real rant. Last evening at work, a really nice guy came in. I've known him for 10 years, he's getting desperate for a girlfriend, he's already hit on every other girl in the dispensary. That in itself is another hilarious thing that I'll have to put in later. So, this fellow, out of the blue, while I was ringing in his purchases said (and I quote) "You know, don't let anywone ever tell you there's anything wrong with your figure." I beg your pardon... Um, yeah, thanks.... I felt badly for this guy, he's grasping at straws here. Ironically, all six of us women are either Married, getting married, or in a serious, long-term, committed relationship. Poor guy, he knows how to pick 'em. I'd really like to go out and buy this fellow a book on etiquette and what not to say to a gal.

This of course doesn't beat my all time favourite "compliment".

I was fourteen years old and visiting the boy I had like the biggest crush on. (he was fifteen, and in high school, a pretty big thing then. I had the perfect body, I mean, I passed for 18-19 years old. I mean, 5'6 120 lbs, 36-31-36 were my measurements. (man I wish I could go back to then in size at least. I had grown men hitting on me, not that I had a clue, I mean I was the most dense thing going. I though I was fat because I was no longer in children's clothes, I had to shop in the ladies section. That's what peer pressure and having boobs in the 4th grade does to you. I hated myself then.
anyways.. He said to me (an again, I quote)

"You know on some girls a fat ass looks bad but on you it looks really nice)

Whenever I'm feeling bad, I think back to this moment in time, several years ago, it was a sunny day and I was wearing a really tight blue-jean mini-skirt with little flowers embroidered on it and white eyelet tank top that had a little blue bow at the neck. I was styling! We're not going to get into the big hair, lets just say, I was one hot mama.....

This one always makes me chuckle and smile.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The prodigal blogger

Well, I know, I know, I've been lax in posting. Life's busy. I've only got 3 minutes left of my lunch break at work so this'll be quick.
I will blog more
I will blog more.
Jay thinks this is a great tool to get me back into writing. Obviously, my procrastination thing is not so much a thing of the past. we shall see.

Hi Ho, Hi HO, it's back to work I go!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Off to Frankenmuth, pass the pretzels!

Well, I guess that didn't take long. It's off to Frankenmuth again. Yes, I will visit that wool mill again. Of course I'll stop in at the amazing and gorgeous yarn shop that I spent almost all of my spare time in last time. And, in case you're wondering, I've managed to fenagle my Mom to do the driving (she's got a nicer vehicle than mine, it's clean and there aren't any random knitting needles anywhere to poke unsuspecting passengers with) so that I can work on the mittens! I've got half a men's mitten done in red and black. Just a simple fair isle pattern the only thing is, I think this one wants to be a glove. I don't know why. How can el-cheapo acrylic yarn tell me what it wants to be? It was once a pop bottle for crying out loud! Oh well, once it's done, I'll post it's pic (hopefully will have a pair by tomorrow night) and you can let me know. I've got enough yarn, I probably can do a pair of mittens and gloves if I really wanted to. Just for fun, I also packed a ball of variegated in pastel blues & a ball of off-white someone gave to me last year. I did only bring 1 set of needles. Surely I can stick it out and finish a pair. I guess I should leave the pretty blue back a Mom's until I finish the red.... Its really just asking for it isn't it.

Wish us luck! Hopefully the border guard won't think my steel needles are WPM's and take them away. I really don't want to buy any more, I've only got 7 more pairs at home!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


For those of you who regularly read the Yarn Harlot's blog you already know that she's decided to make a sock a day until christmas. Yup. That's a lot of socks. If you aren't aware of the sheer force of nature which is the Yarn Harlot, go to www.yarnharlot.ca you won't regret it! She's a knitting dynamo from Toronto who's written 3 hilarious books.
Anyhow. I've decided as my stash is my witness, I am going to make mittens! Yes, pairs of mittens! You who know me well are very much aware of my suffering from SMS (second mitten syndrome) This will be a challenge but I'm sure I'm up to it. I'm going to do my darndest to make a pair a week until new year's day. Lets see, that's 8 pairs? Gee sounds measly but on top of all the christmas stuff which needs to be done this year, 4 housecoats, 9 pairs of slippers, 1 pair of gloves, 1 handbag, several scarves and hats (at least 10 sets), and 2 pairs of legwarmers, this is not going to be easy. (you know, it didn't seem like a lot until I typed it all out. Am I out of my tree? I'll never finish!!!) Each and every one of those pairs of mittens will be only from stash yarn and will be donated to Keeping Kids Warm. (www.keepingkidswarm.ca)

I'm beginning to think Stephanie's saner than me that's for sure, a sock a day....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Frankenmuth HO!

So, after a week of feeling yucky and not getting anything done except sleep and exist on a zombie like plane, I'm back!
Saturday was the incredible bus trip to Frankenmuth Michigan. For those of you who've never been, DO NOT PASS GO, PROCEED TO FRANKENMUTH IMMEDIATELY!!!!! What a wonderful place. Definitely stay for a few days, you'll never see it all.
Firstly we went to Zeilinger Wool. You must go there. Wonderful. Bought my first total fibre binge. (a massive bag of carded roving for $15.00!!!!) Yes, I've already spun some and let me tell you, it practically spins itself! for those of you who are fibre folks, they take your dirty wool right from the critter and process it on macinery that is over 100 years old and they are very reasonable. 100lbs of raw fibre to carded roving, $95 bucks! US of course. They have a sock machine that totally knits socks,any style, any size, with turned heals in 90 seconds a sock! Wow! it seems to take me 90 hours to knit a sock. Sometimes , 90 days.
You must, I repeat must go to Frankenmuth. The ladies at the yarn shop beside Zenders (I forget the name, but will find it and post it later along with a link) are fantastic!! Absolutely Gorgeous Yarn!!! I could have spent hundreds of dollars there if I had it and the time. Of course, the Camera Gnomes have been at it again and I was unable to find it before leaving so I have no photos but I will be going back soon. Possibly in November if I can swing it. Go to Frankenmuth!! You really must. I can't stress this enough.
Just make sure you have a passport.........

Monday, October 16, 2006

bogged down in the yarn quagmire

Perhaps it's just me, perhaps it's this brutal cold, I don't know I just can't seem to get into any projects. I totally frogged the Bernat Ping-Pong and am thinking of having a mercy burning of that yarn but it would probably just really smell bad and make me cough even worse.

So far this evening while Hub played vintage computer games, I've managed to cast on & frog a sock, a mitten, 3 scarves, a hat and even a cat toy. Absolutely none of my copious UFO's are even remotely attractive. Managed most of my shift at work. We'll see about tomorrow. Maybe it's meant to be that I sip tea and snuggle with Cat1 and Cat2.
night all!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ping-Pong & Solo

Thought I'd try out some of that awesome Bernat yarn I bought in TO a few weeks ago and get going on some scarves. Bazaar season becons.
First the Ping-Pong. - bought 6 balls. a neat brown colour. (go to Bernat website to see this yarn) crochets up with a massive hook. (I'm using a 9mm for a lacey look) While it does look cute, the little hairy bits are very irritating. I mean, they prickled. Now I understand why it was so cheap! Honestly. what am I going to do with 6 balls of the stuff? I've tried 4 different crochet stitches and each time, I didn't like and frogged the whole thing. Goodwill anyone?
Now for the Solo. while the colours leave a bit to be desired for, I really do like this yarn. A bulky weight combed yarn that you'll find a lot of in the mill end bags. Tweedy effect by using 2 different colours of yarn and twisting. It's fuzzy, cozy and really quick. I actually like this stuff and wish I'd bought more. (I picked up 12 balls. enough for about 8 scarves.) I'll post pics and a pattern for those so inclined.
We had a pretty busy day here. Candle Party!! Need I say more? your house smells really good, there's all kinds of yummy foodstuffs and you get free stuff at the end of the party. What's not to like? (I am totally a Partylite fanatic)
Feeling a bit bloated and braindead (too much chocolate & cheese) I think I'll ooze my way upstairs to bed.