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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Frankenmuth HO!

So, after a week of feeling yucky and not getting anything done except sleep and exist on a zombie like plane, I'm back!
Saturday was the incredible bus trip to Frankenmuth Michigan. For those of you who've never been, DO NOT PASS GO, PROCEED TO FRANKENMUTH IMMEDIATELY!!!!! What a wonderful place. Definitely stay for a few days, you'll never see it all.
Firstly we went to Zeilinger Wool. You must go there. Wonderful. Bought my first total fibre binge. (a massive bag of carded roving for $15.00!!!!) Yes, I've already spun some and let me tell you, it practically spins itself! for those of you who are fibre folks, they take your dirty wool right from the critter and process it on macinery that is over 100 years old and they are very reasonable. 100lbs of raw fibre to carded roving, $95 bucks! US of course. They have a sock machine that totally knits socks,any style, any size, with turned heals in 90 seconds a sock! Wow! it seems to take me 90 hours to knit a sock. Sometimes , 90 days.
You must, I repeat must go to Frankenmuth. The ladies at the yarn shop beside Zenders (I forget the name, but will find it and post it later along with a link) are fantastic!! Absolutely Gorgeous Yarn!!! I could have spent hundreds of dollars there if I had it and the time. Of course, the Camera Gnomes have been at it again and I was unable to find it before leaving so I have no photos but I will be going back soon. Possibly in November if I can swing it. Go to Frankenmuth!! You really must. I can't stress this enough.
Just make sure you have a passport.........

Monday, October 16, 2006

bogged down in the yarn quagmire

Perhaps it's just me, perhaps it's this brutal cold, I don't know I just can't seem to get into any projects. I totally frogged the Bernat Ping-Pong and am thinking of having a mercy burning of that yarn but it would probably just really smell bad and make me cough even worse.

So far this evening while Hub played vintage computer games, I've managed to cast on & frog a sock, a mitten, 3 scarves, a hat and even a cat toy. Absolutely none of my copious UFO's are even remotely attractive. Managed most of my shift at work. We'll see about tomorrow. Maybe it's meant to be that I sip tea and snuggle with Cat1 and Cat2.
night all!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ping-Pong & Solo

Thought I'd try out some of that awesome Bernat yarn I bought in TO a few weeks ago and get going on some scarves. Bazaar season becons.
First the Ping-Pong. - bought 6 balls. a neat brown colour. (go to Bernat website to see this yarn) crochets up with a massive hook. (I'm using a 9mm for a lacey look) While it does look cute, the little hairy bits are very irritating. I mean, they prickled. Now I understand why it was so cheap! Honestly. what am I going to do with 6 balls of the stuff? I've tried 4 different crochet stitches and each time, I didn't like and frogged the whole thing. Goodwill anyone?
Now for the Solo. while the colours leave a bit to be desired for, I really do like this yarn. A bulky weight combed yarn that you'll find a lot of in the mill end bags. Tweedy effect by using 2 different colours of yarn and twisting. It's fuzzy, cozy and really quick. I actually like this stuff and wish I'd bought more. (I picked up 12 balls. enough for about 8 scarves.) I'll post pics and a pattern for those so inclined.
We had a pretty busy day here. Candle Party!! Need I say more? your house smells really good, there's all kinds of yummy foodstuffs and you get free stuff at the end of the party. What's not to like? (I am totally a Partylite fanatic)
Feeling a bit bloated and braindead (too much chocolate & cheese) I think I'll ooze my way upstairs to bed.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wal-Mart - the real surreal-life!

Okay! So to start, had an absolutely wonderful day with my bridesmaidlings et al. Tried on big puffy dresses for a few hours, had a few laughs and a more than a few moments of utter horror. (what is it about being surrounded by all that silk & lace that makes your brain turn into mush, oh yes, I'll take the one with the giant train and the beading and oh yes, please make that at least 60 pounds, what was that? fifteen-hundred dollars? no problem!)

then, on to Wal-Mart for shoes and stuff. They have the coolest thing! you get to make your own stuffed animal for $11.99. All kinds of adorable critters from tigers to elephants, bears, frogs and duckies. You can buy clothes for them and give them little sounds and really cool things. It really is the most fun you can have for under twenty bucks! (I made an elephant named Charlie)
Now for the totally surreal part. ready?

Are you sure?

Okay, don't say I didn't warn ya!

A lady is nearby strapping her baby into a cart. I mean, really small baby. Sweet, adorable. Her sister, I assume sister, was looking at the animal's clothes you can buy. I'm assuming for halloween for this newborn. We, of course, go coo over the baby talk to mummy. She tells us her little one is 18 days old. We comment on cuteness and her hair.
Wait for it....
Mum is so proud of baby. (something looks a little strange) she is a bit rough with the seat-belt thing. I reached out to hold the belt while she gets it clicked in place and notice baby is very cold and not soft like a baby. IT'S A FREAKIN DOLL!!!! Incredibly life-like and has human hair and cost about $300 but still a doll!! When my girlfriend innocently asked her if it was because of a school project, the woman, explains that her hubby bought it for her as she wasn't able to have a baby. (I'll not go into details like she did) What on earth does one say? I think I was so stunned, all I could say was "oh! well, how nice." backing away slowly.

Wow. I'm still stunned and it was several hours ago.

Just remember. No matter how strange you are, there is someone else doing something you'd never have imagined.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Ignorance is definitely not Bliss

Okay, so was checking e-mail before work, don't ask me how I got here so early, usually I'm running late, and I get the recent newsletter from Needle's & Pins here in London. DEBBIE BLISS IS COMING!!!!!!!! Wah HOOO!!!!! check out their website. it'll be on a thursday and for only $40 you too can take a lesson from the guru herself, listen to her talk about all things cashmerino and get a signed copy of her latest book!! you MUST DROP ALL and go see DEBBIE BLISS!!! Her stuff is incredible. I'm going to see if I can squeek it into my already strapped budget. There's only one catch. You've got to sign up stat! check it out at the Needles&pins website.
clickin off for now....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Inadverdant blogging

Okay, so in an attempt to contact a long lost friend, (okay not so lost but it's been at least a month since I talked to her, our answering machines however, have excellent relationships) She e-mailed me a note, not going to mention how long ago.... to check out her blog. I tried to post a comment, you can't post if you don't have a blog. Okay, push some button, all of a sudden I've got a blogspot. cool. I've been thinking about having one of these things for a while so why on earth not now. Fate it seems has stepped in. Trust me, this will get better.