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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Frankenmuth HO!

So, after a week of feeling yucky and not getting anything done except sleep and exist on a zombie like plane, I'm back!
Saturday was the incredible bus trip to Frankenmuth Michigan. For those of you who've never been, DO NOT PASS GO, PROCEED TO FRANKENMUTH IMMEDIATELY!!!!! What a wonderful place. Definitely stay for a few days, you'll never see it all.
Firstly we went to Zeilinger Wool. You must go there. Wonderful. Bought my first total fibre binge. (a massive bag of carded roving for $15.00!!!!) Yes, I've already spun some and let me tell you, it practically spins itself! for those of you who are fibre folks, they take your dirty wool right from the critter and process it on macinery that is over 100 years old and they are very reasonable. 100lbs of raw fibre to carded roving, $95 bucks! US of course. They have a sock machine that totally knits socks,any style, any size, with turned heals in 90 seconds a sock! Wow! it seems to take me 90 hours to knit a sock. Sometimes , 90 days.
You must, I repeat must go to Frankenmuth. The ladies at the yarn shop beside Zenders (I forget the name, but will find it and post it later along with a link) are fantastic!! Absolutely Gorgeous Yarn!!! I could have spent hundreds of dollars there if I had it and the time. Of course, the Camera Gnomes have been at it again and I was unable to find it before leaving so I have no photos but I will be going back soon. Possibly in November if I can swing it. Go to Frankenmuth!! You really must. I can't stress this enough.
Just make sure you have a passport.........


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