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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ping-Pong & Solo

Thought I'd try out some of that awesome Bernat yarn I bought in TO a few weeks ago and get going on some scarves. Bazaar season becons.
First the Ping-Pong. - bought 6 balls. a neat brown colour. (go to Bernat website to see this yarn) crochets up with a massive hook. (I'm using a 9mm for a lacey look) While it does look cute, the little hairy bits are very irritating. I mean, they prickled. Now I understand why it was so cheap! Honestly. what am I going to do with 6 balls of the stuff? I've tried 4 different crochet stitches and each time, I didn't like and frogged the whole thing. Goodwill anyone?
Now for the Solo. while the colours leave a bit to be desired for, I really do like this yarn. A bulky weight combed yarn that you'll find a lot of in the mill end bags. Tweedy effect by using 2 different colours of yarn and twisting. It's fuzzy, cozy and really quick. I actually like this stuff and wish I'd bought more. (I picked up 12 balls. enough for about 8 scarves.) I'll post pics and a pattern for those so inclined.
We had a pretty busy day here. Candle Party!! Need I say more? your house smells really good, there's all kinds of yummy foodstuffs and you get free stuff at the end of the party. What's not to like? (I am totally a Partylite fanatic)
Feeling a bit bloated and braindead (too much chocolate & cheese) I think I'll ooze my way upstairs to bed.


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