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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Keep your compliments ... with my compliments to you!

So, Have you ever noticed how people try to give someone a compliment and it just comes out completly wrong. I mean, you have to give them the benefit of the doubt but I mean really!!

Okay, little background on this rant. I'm a fat gal. No, not 20 pounds over norm, not, 30 pounds even. I mean fat. And really, I think I'm okay with it. I've had years to used to it although I does sneak up and hit me every so often like when you're passing a mirrored window and you catch a glimpse of your profile as you walk by.

The best description I can use to describe my figure would be a Jelly Bean. Rounded and bumpy but goes in a bit in the middle. As my fiancee said when we first met, I'm not a Barbie Doll. Of course he meant I'm real and not some plastic monster but this one sticks with me.

Okay, now for the real rant. Last evening at work, a really nice guy came in. I've known him for 10 years, he's getting desperate for a girlfriend, he's already hit on every other girl in the dispensary. That in itself is another hilarious thing that I'll have to put in later. So, this fellow, out of the blue, while I was ringing in his purchases said (and I quote) "You know, don't let anywone ever tell you there's anything wrong with your figure." I beg your pardon... Um, yeah, thanks.... I felt badly for this guy, he's grasping at straws here. Ironically, all six of us women are either Married, getting married, or in a serious, long-term, committed relationship. Poor guy, he knows how to pick 'em. I'd really like to go out and buy this fellow a book on etiquette and what not to say to a gal.

This of course doesn't beat my all time favourite "compliment".

I was fourteen years old and visiting the boy I had like the biggest crush on. (he was fifteen, and in high school, a pretty big thing then. I had the perfect body, I mean, I passed for 18-19 years old. I mean, 5'6 120 lbs, 36-31-36 were my measurements. (man I wish I could go back to then in size at least. I had grown men hitting on me, not that I had a clue, I mean I was the most dense thing going. I though I was fat because I was no longer in children's clothes, I had to shop in the ladies section. That's what peer pressure and having boobs in the 4th grade does to you. I hated myself then.
anyways.. He said to me (an again, I quote)

"You know on some girls a fat ass looks bad but on you it looks really nice)

Whenever I'm feeling bad, I think back to this moment in time, several years ago, it was a sunny day and I was wearing a really tight blue-jean mini-skirt with little flowers embroidered on it and white eyelet tank top that had a little blue bow at the neck. I was styling! We're not going to get into the big hair, lets just say, I was one hot mama.....

This one always makes me chuckle and smile.